Forget Boiler Room, Here’s Xes Xes Loveseat Taking You Way Back With an All-Malay Disco Mix

Xes Xes Loveseat doesn’t just see to the West when it comes to his encyclopaedic knowledge of dance music, the avid vinyl collector has a wide archive of ‘80s Malay disco too. The fifth instalment of his The Art of Disco video podcast – a series that focuses on leftfield house and disco (as well as “spacey jam, intergalactic music, [and] cosmic oddities”) – he picks a selection that includes legendary (and hopefully not forgotten) names like Anita Sarawak, Ahmad Nawab, Black Dog Bone, Carefree, Heavy Machine, Aman Shah, Hail Amir, Uji Rashid, and Rahimah Rahim. All played on his weapon of choice — Condesa’s rotary DJ mixer; the Carmen.

Watch it below:

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