Make TAPAUfest Happen, the First Crowdfunded Local Festival!

source: TAPAUfest

IkanPaos Kolektif is better known for producing live videos of local acts performing at unexpected places, like Vincent Moon’s La Blogothèque minus the pretension. But not a lot of folks knew that at one point in 2012, the collective almost managed to pull off their own quintessentially Malaysiana festival in Penang called TAPAUfest, which was to be the launch of their own video channel, TAPAUtv, as well. Unfortunately, it didn’t manage to take off due to the general difficulties of getting a wholly independent festival off the ground — it was to be a day-out fest that focuses on Malaysia’s creative talents, be it from performance arts, filmmaking, music, or others. This year, seeing potential in the crowdfund movement of the interweb as of late, the IkanPaos Kolektif has decided to pitch the festival not only to corporate sponsors and investors, but you guys as well. After all, as their hashtag states, #inikitapunya (this is our) festival.

We’ll let founder Ahmad Faris himself explain to you what TAPAUfest is all about:

Got your attention? Here’s how you can make a donation:

Pledging ends at the end of 27 May ’14. More on TAPAUfest on their official website. Pledge and discover what you are entitled to by participating at