Majical Cloudz: On Cloudz Nine

Majical Cloudz has that knack for songs that just makes you want to close your eyes, sink back and sway to the music. It fits into any scene we can imagine: taking a swig in the heavy pouring rain, taking a long bath, making a move on your girl beside the fireplace, you get our point.

Formed in February 2012 by Devon Welsh and Matthew Otto, this Canadian duo’s motto is music and performance. Fueled by filtered synths, sparse thuds, waves of white noise, it will soothe and melt your body into a puddle of relaxation while you hum to the strong vocals of the track. Majical Cloudz has collaborated with Grimes in the past, producing one of their first songs, ‘Dream World’, which took us flying to a land of dreams.

Their most recent track, ‘What That Was’, reminiscences of a lone ranger mourning the death of a fellow mate, riding off into the sunset, leaving us pondering about that line between life and death.