Made In Malacca

How do you show your love to your city? Wait, do you even love your city? These peeps from Malacca sure do and to prove it, they’ve come up with their own brand, aptly titled, Made in Malacca.

Started by scenesters such as infamous slacker punks, Smerf, and aimed at promoting tourism, this t-shirt certainly defines the pride of the locals who unashamedly showed their love by designing and donning it themselves.

Guess if you’ve been stuck in one locale for most of your live, it kinda grows on you. At least for Malaccans, their quaint city is far from being another PJ suburb-wasteland (though you’d have to ask the locals themselves about that). But to us, last we visited, Malacca has got heaps of character as a community and city.

If you feel the same, then get your tee at Bulldog Café or Riverine Coffeehouse in Malacca for only RM35. Online request may also be made by e-mailing [email protected].

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