Maddkidz & Bud Culture Pres. the U.S. Ambassador of Dubstep, Joe Nice

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Bud Culture has never left. In fact, on 21 January, the collective – together with fellow bassheads Maddkidz – is bringing Joe Nice, North America’s unquestionable ambassador of dubstep and its consequent derivative sounds. The vet, who’s been repping the genre since 2001 (a year before the term ‘dubstep’ was thrown around!), is known to strict true to the ethos of DJing – choosing to only spin using turntables, records, and dubplates. And with a wide-ranging collection of 10” plates in his bag, expect to be educated on some quality bass choons. Tubby (Bud Culture), Jony (Maddkidz), Zulamran (Botanic Records), and Alex will support.

Learn more about Joe Nice by watching the mini-docu below:

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