Madcon: Beggin’


A thumping single accompanied by a rather cheesy Foxy Brown-Xbox-inspired music video, ‘Beggin” a Four Seasons original covered here by Madcon (short for Mad Conspiracy) is catchy, groovy and big pimpin’ at the same time. The Norwegian hip-hop / rap duo (and it’s not often we say that), consisting of Tshawe Baqwa aka Kapricon and Yosef Wolde-Mariam aka Critical could very well be the sons of Gnarls Barkley and Outkast if they got together in a dark room and bumped uglies. This fun 70s funk-rap dance number has a repetitive chorus sung ala Rick James that just sticks (“Beggin’! I’m beggin’ you!) and has already sold platinum and made #1 in its Norway home.

Quit beggin’ and head on over to Madcon’s single, ‘Beggin’ is taken from their album, So Dark The Con of Man, released under SonyBMG.