Mac DeMarco and Shamir Interview Each Other

source: Complex

The thought of putting Mac DeMarco and Shamir together and letting them speak to each other is as appealing of an idea as anything we can think of. Well, Complex went ahead and made it happen, and they’ve made them play Jenga and eat popcorn while the two artistes interview each other to boot! This is the dream interview that we would like to have between our interviewees; the chemistry, the ease, the natural repartee in which they respond to each other. But alas, we are just the press and they have this mutual rapport that comes from being two musicians. Between the two of them, Shamir geeks out over Mac DeMarco, retelling him their first encounter where Shamir cried when DeMarco dedicated ‘Still Together’ to him (who wouldn’t? C’mon now). We also learn that Montreal is the European Vegas, Shamir hates passive aggressive people, and that the best thing from the interview is their incredibly self-aware humour.

Please watch the video below, it’ll make your day:

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Mac Demarco’s Another One Mini LP is available for pre-order here. Shamir’s Ratchet is available for purchase here.