Ma Chai and Mad Man

A big HURRAY to the winners of BMW Shorties 2009! This time round there were 2 winners, Brandon Loh, director of Conversations with a Mad Man, and Shanjhey Perumal, director of Ma Chai. The winners were announced at the Gala Premiere event on 13 August 2009.

Brandon and Shanjhey beat 80 other entries to make it to the finals. In Conversations with a Mad Man, Brandon gaves us a real first-person/doggy-view of what it’s like to meet a certifiable loony (played by Alvin Wong). While in Ma Chai, Shanjhey told the hilarious story of 2 cousins who become Ma Chais for their uncle Bull Dog Maniam in a struggling Indian settlement.

BMW Shorties was launched in Malaysia in late 2006 and the brainchild of BMW’s frmer Communications manager Vijay Tharumartnam. It is an independent cinema platform that has become one of the most anticipated annual filmmaking events in the country. Among its judged was Ida Nerina. The late Yasmin Ahmad has also been a former judge .

Both films as well as those from other finalists can be watched at