M-IFW 09 Launch @ Cafe Stelle

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The launch of Malaysian International Fashion Week (M-IFW) is another indicator of how fast 2009 has gone by. The 3rd year I get to experience Fashion Week, I was excited to see what’s in store.

Images M-IFA

For a fashion association that has run this annual event on more than one occasion should be prepared enough to have enough press pack standing by for media circulation, but they ran out anyhow.

Is it just a feeling or is M-IFW getting smaller? This year M-IFW was launched without much fanfare. The location of choice for the big announcement was Cafe Stelle by Raffles at The Pav. Just to give you the 411, Cafe Stelle by Raffles, located at Level 2 in the Couture wing, is billed as ‘Italian inspired dining in the heart of chic couture’. With a runway running down the middle of the dining area, it was an apt choice for the event.

After registering, I was ushered like all the other media to my seat, this year determined by the presence of a name card bearing my name – much like Fashion Weeks the world over.  Also, this year Fashion Week is presented by Maxis and was officiated by YB Dato Mustapa Mohamed while the face of M-IFA this year is model and beauty queen (yawn) Andrea Fonseka. After taking our seats there was a string of speeches from the Chairman of M-IFA, Mr Heah Sieu Lay, Chief Marketing Officer of Maxis Matthew Willsher, Ms Joyce Yap who is the Chief Exec Officer of Pavilion and lastly YB Dato Mustapa (more yawns).

Then we all headed outdoors where the “officiating” included some touch screen thing and balloons. Pointless we know but too many launches are like this. We’ve seen more than our fair share. With balloons released it was back to Cafe Stelle where a short fashion preview of what’s to come on Fashion Week saw Eclipse by Sonny San, Khoon Hooi, Gallo by Thian and Tangoo showcase 4 outfits each from their last collection.

While the launch serves to provide an indication of an exciting event to come, when Fashion Week rolls around it often doens’t quite hot the mark . Should we keep our hopes up or be disappointed as I have bene in past years? We’ll just have to wait and see.

M-IFW launch was held on 29 September 2009 at Cafe Stelle by Raffles in Pavilion. Check out the pictures here in the JUICE gallery. M-IFW will be held on 4 to 8 November 2009. For more info, check out www.m-ifa.com and follow them on Twitter at www.twitter.com/itsmifa.

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