Lykke Li: Wounded Rymes (LL Recordings)

“I’m your prostitute, you gonna get some” sings tiny Swedish songstress, Lykke Li on her sophomore effort, Wounded Rhymes. And if it’s quality tunes she’s talking about, then yes, you are going to get some indeed.

Youth Novels bubbly and quirky indie darling has grown up a bit, added a bit more heartache and a bit more tribal drums with Wounded Rhymes. While Lykke Li may be known for her Lolita like vocals from her debut tracks ‘Little Bit’ and ‘Breaking it up’, she takes a swift departure into darker and deeper territory (musically, vocally, lyrically and hair colour-wise) with tracks like ‘Get Some’ and ‘I Follow Rivers’. Li even shows off her acoustic chops with ‘I Know Places’ and ‘Unrequited Love’ which are both chillingly beautiful.

Just like her Swedish counterpart Robyn, Lykke Li shows us how pop music should be made. With catchy melodies and echoing vocals backed with a creative mix of tribal drums, synth and piano, Wounded Rhymes is how pop artists should grow up, off the pole and in the studio…

Listen To: ‘I Know Places’ ‘Get Some’ ‘I Follow Rivers’
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