Lunch Bag Art

We came across this Tumblr site just the other day called ‘Lunch Bag Art’ and it literally is what it says it is. In the side bar, the site owner wrote, ‘A new bag each day for my kids. I’m the dad. I make these during my lunch break.’ JUICE team would have been the coolest kids in school if our parents, siblings or maids had these for our lunch. We tracked down this talented individual and found out what he’s all about.

The artist’s name is Derek Benson and he hails from San Diego, California. He started the site in September last year. Derek makes art for video games for a living, hence the subject matter of his lunch art bags. Yup he makes these during his lunch break, and lately he does them after homework time with the kids. He told us, “My daughter will take one I’ve made, shake her head and offer to “make it better” for me.” Aww, so cute.

His talent rode in from inspiring artists of Drew Brophy Surfboard Designs, The Dreamland Chronicles, Tattoo Designs – Tribal Tattoos, Halfpixel and Dude-a-Day. The ‘Lunch Bag Art’ Tumblr site started as something fun, but he realised it seems to be turning into something big. “I’m very glad people like the art, but sometimes I get a little stage fright,” Derek told us. Nothing bad about having talent recognised.

Derek Benson’s ‘Lunch Bag Art’ was recently featured in Parents magazine in the US. Now he’s making his debut on the JUICE website. Ain’t nuthin’ like crossing over, we tell ya!

Head over to to check out these wicked lunch bags and get inspired!