Low Heads to Perth

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KL’s mastermind of drum ‘n bass is heading to the land down under for a gig and JUICE grabbed a hold of him to find out more about the gig before he leaves the country. The event will be held at Bar Open @ WIlliam Street, Perth on February 20. It’s hosted by Frequency Agency & Jungle Box and it’s headlined by 7 DJs including A-Sides and Seeka MC, as the MC (doh).

JUICE asked Low about the DNB scene in Australia and here’s what he’s got to say, “Massive. The DNB scene in Australia is considered the 3rd largest in the world.” Low, who is looking forward to his label. Loops Collective‘s 10th Anniversary this year also had this to say. “Stop asking for gueslist or free passes unless you are invited! Support your local scene!” Woweewow!

Low is packing vinyl, a midi controller, laptop, toiletries and an otherwise empty bag on this trip. It leaving plenty space for JUICE to squeeze in but since we can’t go Low has promised to bring back a present. Have a good trip!

Low’s not the only local DJ spreading his/her wings. JUICE found out Victor G is off on an Indonesia tour while both  Raysoo and Lapsap will be playing Europe! Good luck boys and make Malaysia proud!