Love International Label Launch @ Bed Club

Text Kevin Yeoh
Images Love International

Music brings people together, and Love International proves just that by being that collective of like-minded artists, musicians and creative beings in the music scene. Spearheaded by DJ and producer RaySoo, Love International focuses on minimal and maximal house and techno music with anything in between.

You know its madness when it’s a RaySoo party. Cool Dude Society and the man himself rocked out this launch night at (the now defunct) Bed club in June. The event doesn’t just run in KL, but around the world. In September alone, there are gigs in Koln and Amsterdam already. Dancefloor love is being spread across the globe with this international love. No pun intended, really.

Despite the whole hoo-ha and fun, Love International takes the opportunity to do good deed to the environment by passing some of the profits to suitable environmental agencies with this monthly event. Each of Love International DJs was required to sign up with an agency to get them to be more aware of environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

So you ready to party with a conscience?

This Love International launch was held in June at Bed Club. Check out future events from them at