Love Hurts

It seems ironic that something horrific could happen at the Love Parade of all places. The Love parade is an annual electronic dance music festival that promotes love and world peace. Last Saturday 19 people died and hundreds were injured from overcrowding when a mass panic stampede took place.

The Love Parade was first started by the Berlin Underground as a political demonstration for peace through love and music and was held in Berlin before officially shifting to Germany after 1996. This year it has been reported that 1.2 million techno lovers from all over the world flocked to Germany this year to party and dance to world famous DJs at this famed festival.

Unfortunately things really turned sour on 25 July 2010. 19 people were crushed to death and 80 people injured when people rushed through an extremely crowded tunnel. Saddest part is, circumstances of the chaos is still unknown. So who is to blame? Either way there is a lot of finger pointing going on at the moment especially on the officials allowing only a single entrance for thousands of people.

News have quoted the founder of the Love Parade, Matthias Roeingh aka Dr. Motte, to have said “one single entrance through a tunnel lends itself to disaster. I am very sad.” Some news sites have claimed that the Love Parade will been permanently canceled. We’ll keep you posted on the updates, for sure.