Love Grenades: Tigers In The Fire

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A sultry female vocalist backed by electro-pop musicians, the Love Grenades are unifying La La Land. Headed by the gorgeous Liz Wight, a frontwoman described by Sam Sparro as being ‘like Deborah Harry with raven-black hair,’ the Love Grenades combine infectious beats with punky synths topped off with seductive vocals to create a sound that’s more London than Los Angeles.

Off their latest EP, ‘Tigers In The Fire’ is a mixture of funky disco beats and basslines with Wight’s unique vocal style – half soul half rap – that celebrates modern day sexual independence (I can do anything that I like / I can screw anyone that’s nice / then walk away). Throw in some smooth 3-part harmonies, a couple of wah-wah guitars and a few woos and hoos and you’ve got yourself a dance floor anthem. Boom baby!

Stop worrying and learn to love the bomb! Check out ‘Tigers In The Fire’ by Love Grenades (released on Modus Vivendi Music) at

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