Loud @ Zouk

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Known to be one the hottest residency nights in KL, Loud takes places every Saturday night at the main room of Zouk. Normally we’re graced with both DJs Blink and Goldfish but this past Saturday we saw Goldfish minus his DJ counterpart, who’s in Amsterdam at the moment. Davern Koh also known as Hypeembeats, who plays at House This?! at Barsonic was also helping out on the decks at the start of the night.

For a residency, Loud is definitely a slamming night to be at; Zouk was packed as if a big headlining DJ was in town. Spinning ‘Barbra Streisand’ (not sure if that track’s grown on us yet) and doing remixes of commercial beats like ‘Club Can’t Handle Me Now’, Goldfish had the crowd going and going like they were shoeless on a hot dancefloor. Playing big room sounds and super funky electro, Goldfish showed that even without his Loud accomplice, he can still take control of the crowd with his persistent and infallible beats. If you find your Saturday nights are lacking with international DJs only coming in during midweek, head to Loud for a surefire pumping party!

Loud pres. Goldfish and Blink takes place every Saturday night at Zouk. Starting at 10pm, for ladies it’s RM25 and for guys it’s RM35, both includes 1 drink. Keep yourself by updated by joining the Zouk Club KL Facebook fan page.