Loud Pres. Afrojack @ Zouk

You know you’re a techno fan when you’re still standing outside in the rain at 12am, after being told it’s now ‘one in, one out’. Maxing out entirely for the second time since Tiesto, floods of people stood hopefully in queue, on the off chance they could squeeze into Zouk. Now that’s dedication!

Fit to burst and the crowd tightly wound, DJs Blink & Goldfish stirred up the dancefloor with their funky house beats before things got super crazy. Hood up, head down, Afrojack made his way through the sea of keen ravers who were more than ready for some Afrojack music!

The mayhem began when he busted his first choon ‘Bangduck’. No one could resist fist pumping the air as they prepared themselves for the intensity of his music. ‘Lets make nasty’ got the floor shaking as hundreds bounced to the beat (little kitty), surprisingly ignorant to the fact they were spilling drinks, utterly transfixed in his music.

However, we all know which choon absolutely smashed it, transforming the club into a karaoke bar as every party-goer in there belted out the lyrics to ‘Take Over Control’.  JUICE were not the only ones impressed by how hard you guys were going at it.  Straight after the gig, Afrojack himself tweeted (@djafrojack) “KL, I’m impressed, U guys were on point, up to date and going crazy.”

Let’s put it plainly. Malaysia, you know how to party!

Afrojack took control of Zouk KL on Wednesday 8 June 2011. Can’t get enough? Tune in to www.afrojack.comfor more of the man himself. For party pics, checkout our gallery.

Image Zouk