L’Oréal goes green with the Série Nature line

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Did you know that most shampoos, body wash and other toiletries in the market contain dangerous chemicals that actually harm the nervous system and cause skin cancer? Pretty freaky, I know.

Everyone, including kids , can now look forward to a new line of shampoos, body wash, hair masks, facial foams and more under the new Série Nature. Yep, it’s the new 100% natural product line backed by L’Oréal advanced research with handpicked ingredients of natural origin, replacing all the chemical crap (that we’ve been exposed to everyday!) within a product.

The most popular product is the shampoo which contains sensory-stimulating formulas. Every different shampoo under this line is rich with tomato lycopene, rice proteins, green oils, avocado, white clay, peach milk, fig and ginseng. Now, that’s a healthy diet for your crowning glory.

All products in the line come in recyclable bottles, so we know that the Série Nature line is also a range that is green. Hats off to eco-responsibility!

The L’Oréal Série Nature line is now available in stores! More info at www.loreal.com.