L’Oreal 24Hour Man Challenge: Looking Good While Staying Badass

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Hide yo’ girlfriends, yo’ wives, yo’ mothers and women you care for! Your game is about to be challenged, big time!

Think your manliness can last 24 hours? L’Oreal Men Expert is looking for 24 of the Klang Valley’s manliest men to compete in an entire day of extreme activities. How extreme? We did tell you to lock up your mothers, didn’t we?

L’Oreal Men Expert is launching their Hydra Energetic Turbo Booster Extreme Moisturiser, which provides 24 hours hydration and Taurine that recharges tired skin, the perfect product when you have a day filled with extremely manly challenges. Now we know James Bond’s secret.

The L’Oreal 24Hour Man Challenge is expected to cause a tsunami of women frolicking around the city streets on Saturday 6 July. No ordinary bro-beauty contest, this challenge is rumoured to be like The Bachelor meets The Apprentice on the set of Destroy Build Destroy!

Starting during the day at a renowned mall, the challenge will make its way to a prominent club towards the night. Bring your friends to support the bros on trial as they’ll need your vote to win the grand prize of RM24,000. Or, if you’re man enough, take up the challenge yourself and join for a chance to spread your bro-hammer ways to the world;

– Like L’Oreal Men Expert Facebook page here.
– Register and upload a picture of the manliest thing you ever done with a description of why it is so.

– Similarly, like ‘L’oreal Men Expert Facebook page.
– Voting then begins on event day itself, from 12am to 11.59pm. Users are allowed a total of 3 votes.

24Hour Man Challenge will happen on Saturday 6 July 2013. To keep up with the contestants and event timing, like their Facebook page here.