Loops Collective Pres. DNB Xtra feat. LTJ Bukem


Self proclaimed heavyweight of d’n’b, DNB Xtra, returns for another night of… well, good ol’ drum and bass. Would’ve been a little awkward if it were genre-specific night and they played some hip hop, wouldn’t it? Your special guest DJ for this month is LTJ Bukem — he’s put 10 years’ worth of blood, sweat, and tears (not literally) into d’n’b and if you took his presence out of the equation, the genre wouldn’t be as pretty as it is today. Supporting the man behind Good Looking Records is DJ Low and the night will be hosted by Nesh MC aka DJ Nesh.

Date Friday 28 August ’15
 Nagaba KL
 RM45 (before midnight) / RM60 (after midnight, inc. 1 drink)

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