Loops Collective 10th Anniversary

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Loops Collective is celebrating their 10th anniversary after 10 years of bringing you the best of breakbeat and drum n bass. Hop on and take a short trip down memory lane as we bring you their journey so far and what to expect during the anniversary party.

The collective started in studio jamming with only 15 punters before stepping in to the local clubs and bars back in the early days such as Movement, Backroom, Bilique and many more. It made its first international gig in 2003 and has then moved up by performing in several countries for club gigs and music festivals.

2007 was a big year for Loops Collective. A subsidiary ‘Take Off Records’ was formed for audio work and exclusive music events. The same year itself, Loops Collective compilation “Extended” was mastered and released in the UK. 2008 saw Take Off Records signing with Astro All Asia Broadcast Centre for sound editing in one of its TV program. This year, Loops Collective has teamed up with Bionic DJ Academy to host Malaysia’s first and prestigious dance music awards the Choon Awards. Phew, that’s quite a mouthful. Loops Collective has certainly come a long way indeed.

Get ready for 10 years of mayhem featuring Alzinizi, Az1, Emisz, HudevilHud, Nujita, Samlaleo, Tubby and Zul. MCs Dirtstyle MCs and the Shaggy grafitti crew will be there as well to join in the party. Free entry before 10.30pm. RM49.90 for two pax inclusive 1 Loops Collective tee after 10.30pm or RM30 entry for 1 pax including 1 drink. Limited design tees will be given out for free as well so you don’t go home empty handed.

Loops Collective 10th anniversary is happening on the 5th December 2009 at Cloth & Clef. The party starts at 9pm so be sure to be there early or you’ll be getting out your wallet.

For more info, log onto www.loopscollective.com.