Looking For A Starter Deck?

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Whether you’re spinning in a club or a private party with fingerfood-munching hipsters, the new Pioneer CDJ-350 and DJM-350 will bring your beats to maximum effect. Aimed at making it fun and easy for beginners, the multi-player CDJ-350 allows you to DJ with music files such as AACs and MP3s on USB devices or CDs. It also comes with music management software Rekordbox that helps you manage music files on your computer, allowing lightning-speed song selection on the device and intuitive DJ performances (which is what really separates the fingerfood-munchers from the real talents). The DJ mixer DJM-350 is in-line with the popular DJM series and it comes equipped with four kinds of effects as well as an isolator type 3-band equalizer. With its USB port, you can record your DJ mixes onto USB storage devices and bring the lil’ suckers anywhere you please.

For more decks of glory, checkout www.pioneer.my.

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