If you’re pressed for outfit inspiration, this is the site to stalk. Brimming with impossibly good-looking and well-dressed folk, what’s not to like? Inspired by fashion blogs making waves on the WWW these days like the omnipresent Sartorialist and hel-looks, this exclusive community of hardcore fashionistas (invite-only!) caters to both style stalkers and trend watchers alike. With lookbookers posting from all over the world, expect to be clicking around for hours. The only downside would be seeing 13 year olds posting outfits that we would have never been able to pull off at that age. But we’ll live.


LüMI V., 19 year old from Belgium

Eszter F., 31 year old from Vienna
Victor Emmanuel B., 23 year old from Manila


Mikko P., 19 year old from Helsinki

Joakim A., 17 year old from Stockholm


Katy T., 18 year old from Arkansas