Longing To Be Knotted Together: An Exhibition By Mega

Illustrator/artist Mega is hitting Malaysian shores, bringing his unique twist of urban and tasteful art with him. Born and raised in a small city in the South West of France, this self-taught graffiti artist roamed the streets with good friend Peper, fighting against clichés, garnering influence by the 3D scene represented by Vespa, Loomit, and Delta, and painting in a new school vibe.

Mega’s style soon evolved into graphic designing which then led him into collaborating with artists like Antipop Consortium, Saul Williams, Scratch Perverts, creating designs for big names like Nike and Volkswagen, as well as art directing several urban culture magazines and graphic design books.

Held at Stussy this 11 June from 5pm onwards with a performance by Flica, the free exhibition will feature an array of illustrations from masked warriors to wild creatures emerging from the depths of the deepest jungles.

Check out www.ilovemega.com for the full gallery!