Print is Dead, Long Live

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Dear Reader,

After 14 years of bringing you the best of nightlife, music, pop culture, fashion, and art, JUICE is going full-digital! Yep, issue #175 was the last monthly copy of the magazine. Apart from focusing on the latest trends and entertainment as we always do, we’ll be dedicating our resources to expand our online presence to include more videos in addition to our sub-brand Juicy, commentary on politics and social events, and a more diverse pop culture section that represents our changing times. There’ll be something for everyone; man, woman, boy, girl, and all the newfangled gender denominations out there on Tumblr.

It’s not all gloom and doom for print as our clickbait-y headline would suggest though. As the world gets warmer, we’ll be switching to ‘annual and special print editions-only’. Which means (for those of you who love the smell of ink on paper) you’ll get more pages and cool content in print, in addition to our online platforms, but you’ll have to wait for it. It’s been a great ride getting all these pages to you on a monthly basis, so we hope to see you online soon.

Join us in 2017 as we live forever. We promise not to unfriend you.

source: JUICE

Issue #175, the last monthly copy of JUICE you will ever hold in your hands, is out now. Find a copy via the directory here

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