Lomo Introduces Life In Wide Angle

Perforated hole aficionados take heed. Welcome the Sprocket Rocket – Lomo’s new panoramic camera for a whole new perspective. Or as Lomo user, Dogma, puts it “Shoot wide, think wide and live wide”. Take that however you want.

The sprocket rocket is outfitted with super wide panoramic lens which is great for city and landscape shots. The camera is also aptly equipped with sprockets – which are the holes seen on the edge of the film. We’re not entirely sure where the ‘rocket’ part comes in.

While most of us are not used to winding a camera these days, the Sprocket Rocket can be wound backwards and forwards  so you can layer frames on top of each other.  This is especially handy if you want to make your friends look like ghosts.

The camera also has a setting for long exposures. So now your photos of nights out look exactly like how you remember them -  blurry and bright!

The Sprocket Rocket retails for RM347 and can be found at [email protected] and [email protected] this November.

For more info and details head over to the Lomo website or check out Mooks website.

Images: Lomography