Lollipop ft. Lil’ Jon @ Mist

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When news dropped that Lil Jon, the dreadlocked producer and rapper, the purveyor of Crunk Juice goblets and butt of Dave Chapelle Show parodies would be spinning in some Bangsar club our head near spun off. A few days leading up to his arrival and we couldn’t help but to holler his trademark “Whuut”, “Yeaah” and “O-kaay”. But we weren’t the only ones about to get crunk.Come the launch of Lollipop, the new hip hop night at Mist (previously Club18) and the VIP area was jumpin’. Ya can’t trust the status though, we tell ya, ’cause you couldn’t see nothing from the balcony and the sound system kept switching off. So JUICE took it to the people downstairs. Despite it being all hot and crowded, here we had a better chance of getting some of that crunk juice Lil’ Jon was sweating and hey, the area had better access to the bar. So like the rest of peeps up in here we waited while the DJ dropped the usual predictable hip hop. Ho hum.

It was close to midnight, when the crunk king finally arrived in the building sans goblet. The crowd went bonkers all the same and JUICE was stuck in the melee of screaming and pushing. Mist definitely turned the heat up with Lil Jon’s presence – if you dig hip hop there’s no way you could not know this club now – but sadly the man’s performance was lacking. In true rock ‘n’ roll form, Lil’ Jon and his hype man fed the crowd with vodka and splashed water on the crowd, but he also holed up way to long on one side of the stage before switching it up, and his gruff delivery style just didn’t translate over the poor sound system. Pity the fool that wasn’t familiar with Lil Jon’s material. Those that did however didn’t let a few hiccups get in the way of a good time and got goin’ to hits like ‘Get Low’, that Usher single ‘Yeah’ and even ‘Lovers & Friends’. Lil Jon also tore up his t-shirt and threw it out to the crowd, but alas his body wasn’t a wonderland. Oh snap!

After he left the building, Stylustiks DJ Cza took over only for everything to get familiar. Like yo, does the after show sound sneakily similar to the pre-show or what? It didn’t fail to get the crowd shakin’ their thang on the dancefloor though and even Joe Flizzow was spotted throwing his hands up. So okay no, this was probably not the shining beacon of what a great hip hop night is all about, but to get Lil’ Jon to launch it – you gotta give Mist props for that. Yeee-aahh. J

Lil’ Jon hit up KL to launch Lollipop, Mist’s brand new hip hop night on October 17. Lollipop drops every Fridays with ressies DJ Angelo, Cza and MCJ1 on the mic. Mist is located at 18 Jalan Liku, off Jalan Riong, Bangsar. T: 03 2282 2018 or Adrian How 012 326 2200 and 012 309 7811. More Lil’ Jon at

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