Local Natives

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Local Natives are not home-grown. In fact the indie band hails from California, but their music is so universal that they could be part of any town, city or culture.

The unsigned band has gained attention for their geeky lyrics and catchy guitar rolls, but what really sets them apart is their almost crippling good melodies, crisp vocals and catchy arrangements – enough reason for girls all over to form a band crush, and it does help that there are 5 strapping lads to choose from too.

The Local Natives sausage fest includes Taylor Rice (vocals, guitar), Andy Hamm (Bass), Kelcey Ayer (vocals.keys/percussion), Matt Frazier (drums) and Ryan Hahn (vocals/guitars). The date on their debut album Gorilla Manor is yet to be determined, in the meantime vibe off the buzz on singles ‘Airplanes’, ‘Warning Signs Talking Head’ and ‘Word News’. We like!

Spy on the band. Log onto www.myspace.com/localnatives.