Local Music Platform For Pros And Indies

A few months back 2crank.com was launched as an alternative music portal for local musicians to get their stuff out there. Although we haven’t heard much from them since then, the latest news is that 2crank.com is about to launch 2crank radio – an online radio collaboration with social networking site Ruumz.But internet radio is nothing new. So what really makes 2crank.com different from other music portals?

On the plus side:
– It accepts all postings regardless of genre, so that means more traditional compositions can sit right next to urban chic hop electro skadanzals on the charts.
– They have notable professional musicians and composers like M Nasir, Roslan Aziz, Adnan Abu Hassan and Jenny Chin as mentors and to give tips to artists who have uploaded their material.
– Chances of stars like Siti Nurhaliza stumbling upon your piece while looking for their next big hit are high.

On the not-so-plus side:
– You can only stream the first 50 seconds of a song. It costs USD 0.50 per download/upload.
– In their press release, they placed the word “amateur” in brackets after “independent musicians”.

Well, we’re still on the fence about this one. Find out if this is a heaven or hell-sent by checking it out yourself. Let us know what you think of 2crank.com in the comments below.