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Hot dang! After LMFAO at MOS last week, we’re certain that partying should be categorised as an extreme sport! Not to worry, not one got hurt… except for the neighbours.

The scene was in chaos with fans sporting Goldfish’s ‘I’m in KL B!tch!’ tees flooding the dancefloor. Body to body, this was more of a concert setting than a club. Girls hoisted up on their boyfriends’ shoulders, frantic screaming, hands in the air without a care. After getting pumped on resident DJ Patrick Oliver’s mixes, LMFAO’s party crew DJ hit the stage and began prepping the crowd.

By 1am, Redfoo and SkyBlu came on with the entire party crew – the full lineup included a guitarist, a drummer, a DJ and a couple of whacked out dancers. For all their silly musings, LMFAO are dead serious when it comes down to entertaining. Earlier before the concert, Redfoo revealed to JUICE that, “I feel joy, and I wanna give my joy to you. Joy to the world. And that’s what it’s all about.”

And joy was dispensed in great lengths by LMFAO to the point of exhaustion. After passing out for a couple of seconds onstage, SkyBlu jolted back to life (after some amateur CRP administered by a fellow party crew) and gave it all with the rest of the group until there wasn’t anymore to give.

So if anyone puts down KL in the future, tell ’em this: Miami might offer the sun, bikinis and good times, but KL made LMFAO pass out. And that’s how we do it, b!tch!

LMFAO got freaky at MOS – Euphoria on Wednesday 19 January 2011. It got pretty crazy! Checkout the party pictures in our gallery. We also had a word with LMFAO, read it here!

Image Nicholas Chin

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