LMF ‘The Wild Lazy Tour’ @ KL Live

LMF stands for something crude, but look it up online and you’ll know what we mean. They are the infamous hip hop group from Hong Kong who jumped into the scene back in 1993 but got disbanded in 2003. Late last year, the Cantonese hip hop group decided to make a comeback with this Wild Lazy Tour with a stop at our own KL city. We were there to witness one of the most rip-roaring shows to come to town.

After 7 years of waiting, LMF tore up KL Live with a roaring show featuring all their hottest hits with the uphold of spirit of music instead of the swearing in their songs. All 9 members of LMF took stage to a full-house KL Live. There were some hoarseness in some of their vocals, in which they apologized, but it was still an energetic show added with the ‘superstar must-do’ act of crowd surfing.

The Wild Lazy Tour witnessed the energy that LMF is known for and the amount of enthusiastic Malaysian fans at KL Live was overwhelming. We may not quite understand what they were rapping and singing about, but the energy was high that night. Our ears are still ringing from the event.

LMF The Wild Lazy Tour was held at KL Live on Saturday, 4 September 2010. Find out what’s up with the tour at www.wildlazymf.com. Click here for more snaps from the event.

Images Pei Lin + FC