Living Your Music – The Heineken #LiveYourMusic Manifesto

It can happen anywhere. Sometimes it might even be embarrassing and it’s never something you can control. Your spine will tingle. Your skin will flush. The hair on your arms and neck stands on end. Your perception narrows as your attention and focus switch from whatever task you were doing to the sensations you are now experiencing. You could be standing in line for lunch or checking out dunks you really shouldn’t buy and – Bam! – the world alters slightly, shifts on its axis. Your universe is suddenly reduced to what you hear; a song or a track that sends unconscious shivers throughout your body. 

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Music isn’t just a hobby or a pastime. It’s something that’s hard-wired into our brains. From sticks and rocks to computers and phones, we have adapted the technology at our disposal to make music. It exists in the cloud, yet even without physical form, music still has the same primal effect on us that it did thousands of years ago. Organic, constantly evolving and moving forward, it’s through us that music comes to life.

Sure, you can Snapchat the amazing bowl of pasta you scratched together from leftovers in the fridge, or produce a monumental Insta-feed on that unforgettable first holiday with friends. It will always be there for you to scroll back through. But a song can take you back to that exact moment: stage front, strobes pulsing, noise washing over, and friends surrounding you as the DJ reaches the set’s full energy peak. Your mind sees the moment, recreates the sights, the sounds, the smells. This is how you live your music.

These music inspirations lie at the heart of our daily lives. In a world full of digital noise, music marks both the big and the small moments in our lives, from the thrill of your first music festival to the tracks that put a smile on your face on a dull Monday morning.

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Heineken Live Your Music is built on this collective passion for experiencing music, a global movement born out of different music styles but with a shared love for music itself. Over coming months, Heineken Live Your Music will feature ear-bending innovations, experimental collaborations and explosive live shows as Heineken takes a fan’s eye view of the music that powers our lives.

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Massive events with Hardwell, DVBBS, and Dash Berlin introduced Malaysian music fans to the ideas that lie behind the philosophy of Live Your Music. On Sunday 19 June ’16, they were followed by Live Your Music hosted by the OBSCR Cup at Makespace, Quill City Mall, the first in a series of events that sees both hosts and guests taking more ownership of the events and shaping the music experience.

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In the end, it was fashion label OBSCR’s own team that emerged victorious following tense matches in the indoor football mini-tournament, beating outfits from tastemakers and urban creatives including Goldsounds (music), Pestle & Mortar (fashion), and Masses (fashion). Each team provided its own DJ to add to the atmosphere and to try and big up their team, while psyching out the opposition, with each jock playing for one half of each of their team’s matches.

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Adding to the vibe, Kickatomic Creatives bugged out the crowd with their insect-interpretation of music styles including EDM and indie rock — their giant backlit beetles throwing shade across Makespace. Facing off against the football, illustrator Leonard Leao’s bright and hallucinatory take on music fashion icons including David Bowie and Prince also shone out across the green-tinged room.

The next progressions of Heineken Live Your Music have already been greenlit, ready to shine a light on a new generation of talented music obsessives.

For more information on Heineken’s collaborative projects and the scenemakers and fans helping to reshape Malaysia’s musical landscape visit Heineken’s Instagram page or Facebook page.