Cheeky ‘Oyen’ Cat Found Inside Luggage at JFK Airport Causes Netizens To Go Into A Frenzy

source: Instagram/@tsa

A New York Transport Security Administration (TSA) agent spotted a live, orange tabby cat trapped inside a piece of luggage while going through the x-ray machine at JFK Airport.

Thankfully, the cat was freed before the suitcase was loaded into the airplane’s pressurised cargo hold.

source: Instagram/@tsa

When asked about the owner of the cat, TSA spokesperson, Lisa Farbstein, told NBC News that the cat did not belong to the owner of the suitcase – it belonged to someone else in the household. Farbstein added that the cat probably saw the bag open and jumped in without anybody seeing it.

TSA posted about the incident on their Instagram page, with a pun-filled caption to portray the matter lightly. However, in contrast to TSA’s lighthearted caption, netizens took their concerns and outrage to the comments.

One user commented, “All I care about at this moment is if the cat is ok.”

WTF please update on the cat! This is horrible,” another concerned user commented.

On another note, a user commented on something else entirely, “Nice catch on the cat but what about the 5+ bottles of wine? Did those make it through or…?” 

source: Instagram/@alexaugustalex

The owner of the cat, Alex Augustyniak, claimed ownership on Instagram by writing the caption “that’s my boy” on their Instagram story. Augustyniak also shared a video of his cat attempting to get into a suitcase and captioned it with, “proof that he just does this.”

Despite the numerous concerned comments on TSA’s post, the agency and the cat owner is yet to provide an update on the cat.