little britain

It’s not everyday that I get to have a fancy lunch other than my usual Mid Valley food court, RM2.50 nasi campur at LG level so when I was invited by the folks from Heineken, Pervert Designs and Ogilvy PR to dig into some fine food at La Bodega yesterday, I felt like it was my birthday. It was a farewell lunch for Cosmicspacemunkys and the media (JUICE and The Star), who will be trailing Joey G and Bobo like paparazzi as the duo gets hands-on production knowledge from international Producer Paul Epworth. After almost four years of working with JUICE, I finally get a trip to London. While I’m completely ecstatic, I wonder how many more years I’ll need to make it to New York…. So right now as I am writing this, I am also chasing deadlines and layouts like I was possessed by Lucifer (so that I can wrap up the September issue in time to go for this trip)….

Anyway, back to lunch. In between chomps of heavenly lamb shank and tiramisu, and light conversations about the recent Heathrow bomb scare and the erratic English weather, I find out that Bobo is quite the aspiring Music Producer and already a member of several bands that play a variety of genres like jazz, rock, dance, etc. And he’s only 20! I am also told that clubbing with Paul Epworth has been slotted into the London itinerary (dear God, please let me rub shoulders with Bloc Party or Pete Doherty). Later on Zack Yusof from The Star (who also fronts his own rock band called The Deserters) gets totally engrossed with music and band talk with Bobo, and by the end of the meal, they are exchanging numbers and exploring an opportunity to collaborate together. Which goes to show that all successful business deals are made over a good meal.