Little Boots: Meddle

If electro rules the world then Little Boots is its new Princess. You might recognise Victoria Hesketh from her previous outing with the almost-famous all-girl synth-rock trio Dead Disco. Recently named the Sound of 2009 by BBC (previous winners include Keane, Mika and Adele) and armed with synthesizers, a Tenori-on (a flashy Japanese electronic instrument which Bjork plays), a stylophone and a sweet voice, Little Boots dishes out her own brand of electro-pop.

Her influences range from David Bowie to Gary Numan and like fellow up-and-comers La Roux and Florence And The Machine (see Focus Artist), her songs border on likeably quirky. We recommend you check out her second single ‘Meddle’ which contains the wary sing-along chorus, “Don’t meddle with a heart / Meddle with a mind / Meddle with the things that are inside / You don’t what you’ll find…”

Slip into Little Boot’s ‘Meddle’ (50 bones) at or at

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