LISTEN: Zulhezan’s ‘Terbit’

source: Zulhezan

Zulhezan is better known as the guitarist and the quarter that makes up Dirgahayu — the math rock band that’s arguably one of the most talked about bands this year. Besides working hard on his band with recording and relentless touring, he managed to record an original soundtrack for a short film entitled Terbit 23 by director Taufiq Kamal, who was the grand prize winner of last year’s BMW Shorties for Rozita binti Roslan.  As Dirgahayu is an instrumental band, this is the first time we’re hearing his singing; his voice is low when he sings the concise but challenging lyrics, but travels higher into a lull of breathy wisps as it melds with the grand piano and strings.

Take a listen below:

Watch the trailer for Terbit 23 here:

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