LISTEN: ZSYIA’s ‘Lost//Home (prod. by f r s)’

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source: ZSYIA

Just a month shy from HO4X, the HOAX crew is at the height of their productivity with the release of the HOAX Hates U mixtape, Naufal & I-Sky’s remix of Major Lazer’s ‘Too Original’, and now, their “official vocalist” ZSYIA’s solo track — ‘Lost//Home’. A marked contrast to the bad bitch persona recently revealed on HOAX Hates U‘s opener, ‘Be Busy Bitching’, this solo effort sees her dialling back the overall aggression of the mixtape in favour of twangy neo soul vocals over Fariz Malik’s (f r s of Dái-Kan) serene chillstep beat. It’s the type of ataraxic neo soul throwback that wouldn’t be out of place on Okayplayer now and then, which only further cements the diversity of sounds coming from within the collective.

Stream it below:

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