LISTEN: ZSYIA’s ‘Into The Night’

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source: ZSYIA

Produced by Orang Malaya, comes a new track from ZSYIA — one of the more prominent vocalist from the HOAX crew. Just as we’ve written about her vocal persona, ZSYIA is adept at shifting between bad bitch audacity to simply singing in romantic melodies; here, she takes the form of the latter. The track is a great addition to both artistes’ repertoire of work; ‘Into The Night’ has a strong drum machine-enabled percussive element to it and ZSYIA’s voice reverberates with every few utterance of the titular lyric, with The Wknd Sessions Recording Fund winner popping in at the end as if inviting her into the dark of night — good sequel to ‘I Just Wanna Feel Real’.

Take a listen below:

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