LISTEN: ZSYIA & Viktoria’s Saccharine Mixtape

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source: ZSYIA & Viktoria

If you’ve been following the releases by the HOAX crew, you’d be well-acquainted with singer and occasional rapper ZSYIA because she’s not only talented, but we bet you’ve developed a crush on her (she’s 17!). However, you should make room for Viktoria, the newly recruited vocalist of the collective who just recently dropped a self-produced solo track called ‘The Only One‘, which exuded Spooky Black’s despondent affection. This time, the ladies of HOAX have combined their contrasting vocal abilities — along with the help of producer f r s (officially a marquee producer for every HOAX release it seems) — for their collaborative mixtape Saccharine. It’s apparent that there’s no competition between their vocals as ZSYIA’s coquettish singing voice complements the deep sophistication of Viktoria’s; a perfect example of this is the harmonies on ‘Wither’. Saccharine also plays out like the confounding ‘tough-but-sweet’ veneer that girls often project, which ZSYIA in particular represents well. ‘BBYGURL’ flexes that “bad bitch” attitude to a T, while the following ‘Bummer’ displays a yearning vulnerability. But ultimately, Saccharine demonstrates that girls are indeed complicated beings and it’s not their fault when they sing ‘I Can’t Love You’ to you.

Take a listen below:

The mixtape is available as a free download. Keep up with HOAX here.

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