LISTEN: ZE!’s ‘Bintang’

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source: Ze!

Co-written with Paris-based producer Alan de Laniere, ZE!’s first track of 2015, ‘Bintang’, is heavy on the Swedish synthpop vibes — particularly Robyn’s brand of the sound. And just like the best tracks off Robyn’s seminal 2010 album Body Talk, ‘Bintang’ does a fine job at balancing real emotions with innate danceability; ZE!’s lyrics are “from the heart”, written and sung as an ode to all the girls out there who, much like her, are still chasing after their ever-elusive dreams. While video-less at the moment, the multihyphenate ZE! is currently in the midst of directing the music video on her own — reportedly to feature five talented ladies from across the creative scene.

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