LISTEN: Yeezer, A Mash-up of Kanye West and Weezer


You can thank Ohio State University student Alex Hodowanec for this product of sheer genius. According to The A.V. Club, Alex is an ardent Weezer fan, but it took a friend who suggested offhandedly the portmanteau Yeezer to him that got him to conceive the idea of this mash-up. The track ‘Through The Hills’, a mash of Kanye‘s ‘Through The Wire’ and Weezer‘s ‘Beverly Hills’, had shaped the rest of the album. There is no particular way he went about the selection of songs from these two different artistes as long as they “sounded good together.” To be honest, being fans of both of these guys, we were bursting with giggles, possibly out of glee or at the initial quaint quality of mashing up geek rock band Weezer with the braggadocio of Kanye. But upon listening to Weezer’s powerful guitar riffs cross-matched with Kanye’s similarly cogent rapping, ‘Barry Jamb (feat. Lil Wayne)’ and ‘(And They) Say It Ain’t So’ are among our favourites. In even more relevant news though, Weezer is apparently totally stoked about the mash-up as the band is sharing it throughout their social media. We now just have to wait for a response from Yeezus.

Listen to it below:

Kanye West is trying to run for president of the USA. You can purchase Weezer’s Everything Will Be Alright in the End here.