LISTEN: Yahna’s Sink EP

source: Yahna

Releasing it much earlier than the slated 1 December ’14 release date, Akhyla’s third release, Sick EP by Yahna, solidifies the Malaysian indie label as a hub that attracts unknown quality electronic acts. There’s a pretty interesting backstory to corroborate this; the London-based Chinese-Italian first approached label head VMPRMYTH on his doorstep with his gear — a 19-inch screen, keyboard, and Mac mini — in a plastic bag, a random moment, asking if they could make beats together. The result of that chance meeting is a four-track EP that’s quite a divergence from Akhyla’s first two releases — the strong basslines and percussion are still there, but there’s a linearity to the instruments and no woodwind influences to be gleaned of it. It’s arguably more restrained than HEROINe and Clairvoyants. Until you reach the end track featuring VMPRMYTH that is, that bassline is without a doubt his.

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