LISTEN: YAHNA’s ‘BlackHole’

source: Yahna

Image Candice Myburgh

Along with HOAX, Akhyla’s got to be the most active collective-cum-label in the electronic scene right now — not that Malaysia’s got a lot of their ilk, mind you. Having released an introductory EP last November, Luca Fucile (YAHNA) is back with what is described by the collective as “his heaviest track to date.” That adjective isn’t just hype, ‘BlackHole’ immediately goes in with a dubby din after the obligatory ethnic vocal sample (an Akhyla staple by now) — never stopping short for anything other than a succinct traditional string section reminiscent of fellow Akhyla member Yoshi‘s penchant for sampling world music.

Stream it below:

Purchase ‘BlackHole’ here, and get more from Yahna here