LISTEN: YAHNA & KAIN’s ‘Eyes Like A Mantis’

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source: Akhyla

Here’s a gift from two of the boys of Akhyla; produced by YAHNA and KAIN, ‘Eyes Like A Mantis’ is available for download today to commemorate the eve of the new year. As the free track opens, it struck us as reminiscent to Beck’s ‘Loser; but the similarities are slight as this track is much funkier and electronica in nature (though it reveals the rock roots of the collective). It slowly leaves the bass behind for a melodious playing of the acoustic guitar, light washes of hi-hats, and various wooden percussions for texture. The guys still retain some of their eerie earmark with strange augmented vocals and electronic wriggling for that touch of grit.

Listen below:

The single is available for download here.