LISTEN: yaash’s ‘Yellow’ & ‘Green’

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source: Yaashdev

The last time we heard Subang boy yaash’s work was with the epic cacophony that concluded Midnight-Oil Vol.3He’s back with a couple of new tunes that he’s categorized under #colours – this is some trippy-ass progressive psychedelic electro shiznit (that’s code for “we don’t know what to label it as”).

You could listen to both of the tracks multiple times, and find something new to appreciate each time, the depth work involved isn’t exactly child’s play. ‘Yellow’ is a midtemp sizzler with a ton of saw-work to bump your acid trips just that little bit higher.

We weren’t exactly sure what we heard with ‘Green’, but it’s pretty dope. The tempo is bumped up several notches from ‘Yellow’, and similarly, there’s always tonnes going on — it’s a very busy track, both in the foreground and the background, while the groove stays kicking somewhere in between. Somehow though, it still works. It might take a few listens, but we’re willing to bet that you’re about to be hooked.

Yaash says that he isn’t sure what his music is, but take a listen here and help him figure it out.