LISTEN: VMPRMYTH’s HEROINe LP is Up For Streaming!

When Rooks introduced JUICE to Mustaqim Ariffin, the man otherwise known as VMPRMYTH to our readers, at Daikanyama during The Deer Society’s peak some years ago, we didn’t know what to make of him. It was admittedly due to the vowel-less stage name (and ‘vampire’? Really?), but regardless of that we still bothered to check out his Soundcloud page. To use a cliché ; the rest was history. We believed in him from day one, throughout the unfortunately shortlived MUSCLE//MACHINE phase (JSTNPWRS is still active too, check out his solo work here), and till present date — the day of his debut LP HEROINe‘s release. We’ll spare you our thoughts on the album until a later date. For now, stream the album, and if it’s to your liking, purchase it. There’s more to KL than just DJs.

VMPRMYTH’s HEROINe can be purchased on iTunes here.