LISTEN: VMPRMYTH’s ‘Flood Relief’ Mixtape

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source: VMPRMYTH

Hailing from Kelantan, the torrential floods across the east coast have hit VMPRMYTH close to home, and this mixtape is his way of raising awareness regarding the situation (where evacuees have totalled over 120,000 in the past few weeks). It starts off on a melancholic note with keys and pipes courtesy of Pan Am and Culprate, before slipping into territory that we’re used to seeing VMPRMYTH get down and dirty with. The whole tape spans multifarious genres, from protojazz to glitch and chillwave, so if you’re in an exploratory mood, this one ought to do the trick for you.

01. Pan American – Lights on Water (Quiet City)
02. Culprate – Without
03. James Blake – Building it Still
04. R3N3.SCHI3R – Drunken Amp
05. Nava Jo – Ayahuasca
06. LaFood – Cheetah
07. Unknown – Humpty Dumpty
08. Meta X BurntGrapes – MetaGrapes
09. Sorbmal – The Hook Toss
10. Photay – No Sass
11. Lafood – Battle Blend
12. VMPRMYTH – Apple Pie Guy
13. Muramasa – Suicide Blades
14. Aesop Rock – Coffee (Irregular Expression Remix)
15. Magic Nanna – Purify Praise Prospers

VMPRMYTH has also included a list of institutions and volunteers that you can lend a hand (or your belongings) to if you’re keen to help out in the ‘track info’ section of the tune.

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