source: Clairvoyants

It was delayed for a bit, but Akhyla‘s second album release after VMPRMYTH’s debut LP HEROINe is finally out. Clairvoyants is a collaborative EP between the label founder himself and KAIN — who, among other labelmates, is musically the closest to VMPRMYTH’s genre inclinations. It’s the perfect companion piece to HEROINe, establishing something of a trope in a sound that is distinctively theirs (just listen to ‘Alexithymia’ in comparison to HEROINe). The two highlights of the record, however, are the remastered editions of Amir Meludah’s ‘Serpihan Akal Yang Sudah Sesat’ and ‘Katak Tersangkut Dalam Perut’. That guy needs his own album already — make it happen, Akhyla.

Stream the whole album below:

Purchase Clairvoyants via Bandcamp here.