LISTEN: Vinyl Williams’ ‘World Soul’

source: Vinyl Williams

Signed under Toro y Moi’s label Company Records, Lionel Williams — better known professionally as Vinyl Williams — will soon release his second album Into. Just like any artiste working on a sophomore, the new output deviates from the first but retains the identity of what he had presented to us before. Generally, single ‘World Soul’ off the long-player is still ingrained with the dreamy, transcendental quality of the preceding record but it’s apparent that it has ventured away from the previously lo-fi rock-laden Lemniscate and into something considerably subdued. But the more we listen to the neo-soul track, the more it resembles a song from the disco era– which is an objective statement and not a thinly veiled diss.

Listen to it below:

Pre-order Into here which will be out on 24 July.