LISTEN: Viktoria’s ‘You Are Mine’

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source: Viktoria

After her collaborative EP with ZSYIA – mostly produced by HOAX’s marquee producer f r s – Viktoria returns to the laborious sound of cold Minnesota à la Spooky Black with new self-produced song ‘You Are Mine’. Borrowing the Latin phrase “Venisti remanebis donec denuo completus sis” that originated from the Devil in Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny (out of all places) as the track’s description on SoundCloud, the slow-burner of a track exudes a mood that is evocative of the phrase’s English translation; “From whence you came, you shall remain, until you are complete again.” Just listen to the line “You are mine, losing my mind to keep you by my side,” sung by Viktoria in expectedly slightly pitch shifted down voice, though this time around there are moments that her vocals border on nigh masculine, adding to the sombreness of it all.

Stream the track below:

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